JHM-release "The Might Unlikely" by Lisa Hoppe's Third Reality (JHM 269) gained two prices in 2019:

  1. one out of five best debut albums in 2019 (New York City Jazz Record)
  2. one out of 19 favorite albums in 2019 (Maurice Hogue, One Man's Jazz)

JazzHausMusik is proud to announce these five new albums being released on 16 Apr 2019:

JHM 267 - Sascha Ley & Laurent Payfert - "It's Alright to be Everywhere"
JHM 268 - Die Parzäros - "La Cachaca"
JHM 269 - Lisa Hoppe's Third Reality - "The Mighty Unlikely"
JHM 270 - Leon Maria Plecity - "Otherworld"

The music will be available at record stores as well as most common download stores.

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The latest concert dates (Aug - Oct 2019) of our JHM-artists are available here.

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